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What is Keep It Constitutional?

Keep it Constitutional is a campaign that wants to help everyone in South Africa, but particularly learners, learn about their constitutional rights. The campaign will help people to understand the rights in the Constitution and why the Constitution is important in South African society, by providing information through animated episodes, regular blog posts, and social media content.

The campaign is run by the Foundation for Human Rights, and supported by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development and the European Union.

Why is the Keep It Constitutional campaign important?

Most people in South Africa don’t know their rights – in fact, a recent study found that nearly 50% of South Africans didn’t even know about the Constitution, which gives people in South Africa rights. If people don’t know about their rights, they are vulnerable to abuse. The Keep It Constitutional campaign wants to help people claim their rights, and to protect themselves from abuse.


What is the Constitution?

The Constitution is the foundation of all of the laws in South Africa. It contains rights available to all South Africans. Everyone in South Africa, including the most powerful people in the country, has to obey the Constitution. The government is also bound by the Constitution. You can learn more about the basics of the Constitution here.

Why is it important?

The Constitution is important for a lot of reasons. It is the highest law in South Africa, and all of the other laws in South Africa. It also tells us about the country that South Africa wants to be – a country based on dignity, equality and freedom, which are the foundational rights. It contains rights that help people to live dignified lives, and to hold other people, companies, and even the government, to account.

What rights are in the Constitution?

The Constitution contains a number of rights, including the right to life, the right to equality, the right to dignity. To read about the rights in the Constitution in more detail, click here.


There are lots of organisations in South Africa that help people to protect their rights. We have provided information about how to contact some of them here.


What resources are available for teachers or leaders of community groups?

Many of the Keep It Constitutional resources can be downloaded, for teachers and community leaders to use in their classes or in their organisations. The resources available include the animated episodes, podcasts, and lesson plans. Teachers and leaders can use the lesson plans as a way to provide their learners or group members with information and exercises that provide the learners with additional information about various elements of the Constitution and South Africa’s constitutional democracy.

How can I use Keep It Constitutional in my classroom?

You can screen the Keep It Constitutional animated episodes or play the podcast to your learners. You can use the lesson plans, or adapt them to fit your own teaching style.

You can also tell your learners about Keep It Constitutional’s social media campaigns, which will provide new content about the Constitution on a regular bases.


You can find all our contact information here.

How do I sign up to receive broadcast messages?

Add Keep it Constitutional to your contact list and save our number +27 76 176 0831. Send us a WhatsApp message or SMS with your name, surname and the word UPDATES, and we will add you to our broadcast list.

You won’t be able to receive broadcast messages if you haven’t saved our number!

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What if I have a question?

You can send us your questions via WhatsApp on +27 76 176 0831 or on Facebook.

Every Tuesday between 16:00-16:30 we will answer questions about the South African Constitution and your rights.

Every Thursday between 16:00-16:30 we will answer questions about the episode that was released on Monday.

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What is the Keep it Constitutional WhatsApp number?

Our number is +27 76 176 0831 – please save it to your contact list!

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Why do I need to add the number to my address book?

You need to add the Keep it Constitutional number to your address book in order to receive messages from us.  We are using WhatsApp for Business and we are unable to send messages to a user unless they have saved our number. This prevents businesses from sending messages and spam to people that haven’t signed up to receive messages from them.

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