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  • Terms and Conditions of Use


By using the Keep It Constitutional website, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use, as listed below..


  • Restriction on use of Content


By using Keep It Constitutional’s website and services, you are accessing content created by Keep It Constitutional. All Keep It Constitutional content is freely available and downloadable. You, and all users, are allowed to distribute this content freely and without restriction. You undertake not to distribute any Keep It Constitutional in exchange for payment of any kind, and, when distributing the content, to ensure that Keep It Constitutional receives due credit for the creation of the content.


  • Limitation of Liability


Keep It Constitutional shall not be liable for for any consequential damages that arise from the use or distribution of Keep It Constitutional’s content or services. Keep It Constitutional does not link to any third-party sites in return for financial compensation or any other form of consideration. Keep It Constitutional or it’s sponsors will always try to ensure that all third-party links hosted on the Keep It Constitutional website are appropriate, but will not be liable for any damages caused by use of third-party websites. Should you think that any link to a third-party website hosted on the Keep It Constitutional website is not appropriate, please contact info@keepitconstitutional.co.za.


  • Limitation of Liability


Keep It Constitutional attempts to ensure all content hosted on its website, and all websites referred to on the website, contain only accurate and relevant information. However, Keep It Constitutional does not offer any warranties or guarantees regarding the accuracy of the content hosted on either its nor any third-party website.


  • Jurisdiction


Keep It Constitutional’s material is applicable to South Africa, and is in compliance with all relevant local laws. No content may be used in any country outside of South Africa. By downloading or using the content, you represent and warrant that you are a resident of South Africa.


  • Other


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of South Africa. Where possible, Keep It Constitutional will ensure that users are within South Africa.


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